Untitled Haiku & Word of the Decade

Dead November eyes
take me back to sights unseen
Voices left unheard.

Kind of a dark way to start my first published post in almost a year, but I’m a Scorpio, what can I say?

Also, hey!  It’s been a while since I actually published something… I’ve been writing, but my filter’s gotten the best of me, so not much to show for it here.  But that’s changing, much to the twisting of my own arm.

Every year, I pick a word that is my mantra and helps guide me towards living the life I want/is something I want to focus on.  Since we were moving into a new decade, I really wanted the word I chose to pack a punch and make an impact on the next ten years.  For 2020, I chose the word… *drumroll*


I realized I’ve been taking life too seriously, and I think that’s what cripples a lot of writers and prevents them from pressing “Publish” or sending that query letter, or even putting that pencil to paper (stars know I’ve struggled with that).  So for this decade, I’m choosing to play.  Play with instruments.  Play with food.  Play with words.  Have FUN with it, and don’t think too much.  Just enjoy (my second-place contender for Word of the Decade).  Put yourself out there, and just play.  Since I’ve made that transition, my creative juices have been flowing, my vibration is high, and I’m feeling so balanced and FREE.  It’s really liberating to lift the shackles of criticism off my shoulders.  Terrifying at times, to be sure, but liberating.  So get ready, because you’ll be hearing a lot more from me from here on out.  Best wishes, friends.  ❤



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