The Light: A Poem

With so much darkness on this earth,
why must you elongate shadow?
You turn like an eclipse
Where once I saw sun,
I turn around
and find myself in black as pitch

Like begets like,
Misery loves company.
Where I try to build
you try to destroy.
Where once I found a friend
I now see a stranger,
a bedlam of betrayal,
a contortionist of words,
a silver tongue spewing poison
like confetti.

To have light, you must be light.
As you give, so shall it return.
Are you masochistic?
I struggle to find meaning
in your malice,
Struggle to find motive
in your malcontent.

Perhaps I threaten you,
my light revealing shadows in yourself
your darkness tries to hide.
My light shines so bright
it strains your eyes.

A pity.  Quite a shame.
For your attempts to darken me
are futile.
Your empty words now known to me,
and soon enough, so too
your peers.

My heart was broken
when I discovered your falseness;
Your plastic smile,
Your luke-warm eyes.
A one-act show
all for my benefit.

Well, dearie, the curtains
are now closed.
I don’t subscribe to your negativity,
and I will never leave myself vulnerable
to your predatory prose.
Never again will I try to connect
with the mask you wear for me.

Were you ever real?
I may never know.
But I know now.

Did you think this would end well for you?
No one likes a liar.
My light shines too brightly to ignore
What you thought you could sully with
a few sickly words
only shines a sickly reflection
back to your tormented self.

What pain you must feel
to try and snuff out the
light I give.

What unhappiness you must have
to spend your time
doling out discord
rather than delight,
to try and ruin the name of one who
has done nothing but befriend you and
be the light.

I’d feel pity if it weren’t a choice.
But choices they are, and
choices you’ve made.
I’m through mourning
our false friendship.

I will forgive,
but I won’t forget.

May you one day learn
the only way to be the light is
to face your darkness,
not to spread it.
May you know the love and gratitude of
realizing someone’s role in your life is to
reveal your darkness;
to look it square in the eyes,
for those are the most
meaningful relationships of all.

Until you understand this and try
to apply it,
you will be forever condemned
to be the darkness you so
desperately loathe inside.

You cannot darken me.
I do not subscribe to
your negativity.
I will continue to shine as
brightly as I can,
and if it blinds so be it.

You may try,
but you cannot compete against
the clarity that is me.


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