Sushi Time! Kickass Homemade Salad Maki

Happy Sunday, Blogtopia!  Hope you’re not a bloated gas factory after this feastfest of a holiday known as Thanksgiving.  This one was particularly brutal for me; Husband and I had to attend three Thanksgiving dinners.  Three.  This is the fourth — fifth? — fourth year of doing this, and now that we’re buying a house we’re done with that shit.  We’re going to have Thanksgiving up at our place henceforth, and any family who wishes to attend can come up.  I’m not spending another holiday hanging over the toilet screaming profanities.


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Last week, I tried my hand at making my first sushi rolls, and they turned out pretty damn delicious!  I used my girls’ recipe at JapaneseCooking101 for Salad Maki, a less expensive sushi roll that has salad elements such as lettuce and cucumber.  I started by getting my rice going in my tried-and-true $13 rice cooker, then prepped up my mise en place — imitation crab, tuna salad mix, cucumber, butter lettuce, and sushi rice mixture.


Once my rice was done, I added in the sushi rice mixture (recipe also from JC101) and allowed that to cool to room temp with the help of my freezer (I’m far too impatient to dick around for 30+ minutes).


After it was cooled, I busted out my nori sheets, set them on my bamboo sushi rolling mats, and started smearing sushi rice on those mofos.


Now it was time to lay down the law on these soon-to-be rolls.  I dropped the krab, cuke, lettuce, and tuna on this mess and made my first attempt at rolling.  I was mildly successful.



Okay, fine, “mildly” is a strong word.  I f***ed it up.  But if at first you don’t succeed, try that shit again.  So I did, and it turned out all right!


Bit of a gap there on the right, but for my second try I was pretty f***ing proud of myself!  Huzzah!  I had enough ingredients to make four rolls, which I cut up and put in lunch containers for my husband and me.


My new mission in life is to become successful at making badass bento boxes.    I love Japanese food, and hate that I have to spend a pretty penny to get my favorite dishes.  With some tenacity and tact, however, I can learn to make some decent shit at home.

I found my rolls to be a bit bland, but I think if I kicked up the tuna salad a notch with some lemon juice this would really help.  Husband thought they tasted better the day after, so giving some time to let the flavors marry was also helpful.  I like the creative leeway this recipe provides, because I could totally add something like relish or use chicken instead and make a sort of chicken salad sushi roll.  You could also incorporate balsamic instead of soy sauce for an interesting depth of flavor I think would be good.

I skipped the tamagoyaki, as I was lazy and also forgot to buy eggs, but I think that would have added another nice element to the dish.  You’d think I would’ve learned from the last time I deliberately chose to “put the egg in the corner,” as one reader commented on that post, but nah.  I like to make a mistake multiple times before I learn from it.

This week, I’m going to try making garlic ginger bok choy.  I’ll let you know how it goes!  Till next time, my beloved B-Loungers.  Stay hydrated!

Do you make your own sushi?  Any tips for me?  Questions? Comments?  Leave a Reply and let me know!  I’d love to hear from you.

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