“Tuesday” Food Day: Pato Thai

Hey there, Blogsville!  It’s Wednesday, which means I’m a day late for my very first Tuesday Food Day.  Sorry about that!  Every Tuesday(ish), I’ll be writing about and rating recipes I’ve tried and/or restaurants I’ve been to.  This week, I’m featuring one of my favorite local restaurants:  Pato Thai in Flagstaff, Arizona.

In Flagtown, there is no shortage of Thai restaurants.  Swaddee Thai, Red Curry Vegan Kitchen, Dara Thai, Pato Thai, Ewa’s Thai Cuisine, Little Thai Kitchen… no matter where you are in this city, you’re an egg’s throw away from some curry.  The quality of that curry, however, is subject.  I haven’t been to every Thai restaurant in town, but at this point Pato is my favorite, and many of my local friends agree.

I was here Monday night celebrating one of my best friend’s birthdays.  As usual, the small, decorated space was packed to the gills.  Since we had a party of nine, one of the servers took down my friend’s number and we went next door to Rendezvous for a drink and to wait for our table to be ready.   In the midst of a round of mojitos (a pinot noir for me and a Guinness for Husband), we were advised it was ready.  I chugged the remainder of my wine — a decent amount, tipping my proverbial hat to my college days —  and we walked next door and found our places.

First up: Drinks.  Husband ordered one of their Thai teas, a classic Thai staple.  I’ve had a number of Thai teas ranging from made in-house to bottled, and this one is the best I’ve had yet.  It’s leaps and bounds ahead of their competition.  Creamy and cold, blended with just the right play of cardamom, star anise, and other magical spices, it whisks your taste buds away to sweet, exotic lands.  Theirs reminds one of a milkshake, making some kind of shake/drink hybrid of amazingness that is positively to die for.  Phenomenal!

I ordered my usual yellow curry with chicken at a spice level 4/5 (I’m a spicy lady, what can I say?), and Husband ordered their Tom Yum, a delightful soup of lemongrass, fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, galanga, lime juice, shrimp chili oil, and fresh chili.  It’s almost the exact same as the Tom Ka, which adds light coconut milk.  For this reason, I thought I wouldn’t like the Tom Yum as much as the Tom Ka, but it turns out I much prefer it!  It was a great counter to the already coconutty, creamy greatness of the curry.  We added chicken to our soup.

tom yum

Now, for the curry.  Pato Thai has the best curry I’ve had, save for one Thai restaurant in Minneapolis.  Usually, when I order a spice level 4 at Pato, I get a spice level 4.  This time, the spice was weak.  Not sure why.  Birthday Girl’s boyfriend also ordered a spice level 4 in his dish and agreed that it was weak.  Mildly disappointing (hehe), but this minor setback did not detract from the dish’s overall deliciousness.


The other more major but still minor setback:  The riceload.  With this large, steaming bowl of curry came a smaaaaall side of rice; I’m talking a half a cup tops for about three cups of curry.  We requested more.  $3.00.  WTF, mate? That was a bummer.  They had forgotten to bring us our second portion of rice after we were given the bill, so we took it to go and got a big-ass container full.  Wish we would’ve received that much initially.  Never had that problem at Pato before.

Side note:  I hadn’t eaten since 11:00 that day, and it was approaching 8:00 by the time we received our food.  Given my ravenous state, I’m sorry to report I did not take my usual orgasmic food porn pictures.  About mid-meal, however, when I wasn’t a hangry monster, I managed to take some passable pictures.

All in all, a wonderful, palate-pleasing night.   For the food quality, I’d give this place a 5/5.  Given the lack of rice and spice, however, my final star rating is:


Have you ever been to Pato Thai?  What do you think of their food?  Leave me a Reply and let me know!  Thanks for reading, friends!  “Chow!”

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