Awesome Sh**: Consumerism at its Finest

Happy Sunday, Blogvilians!

This week was the first week of “school” for me — new, incoming students had optional two-hour sessions with a teacher about how our school works, followed by an hour of math with another teacher, and an hour of English with me!  I had one session of 5th and 6th graders and one session with 3rd and 4th graders, and I also supervised an hour lunch/recess combo.  Not only is it a nice chunk of extra cash, it’s also a great way to dip my toes back into working after lying around eating ramen in my underwear for two months.  With some of this extra moolah I bought some pretty awesome shit.

My first stop was to Suite 104, a place chock-full of rad, local artist stuff.  Earrings, keychains, art, signs, boxes, lights made from baby doll heads (which I’m totally getting next time)… All kinds of badass things.  This is where I get all my funky earrings for school and everyday wear.  As much as I’d like to be selfish and keep this place a secret, I’d rather see them flourish and be able to continue doing their totally tubular thing.  This visit, I got an assload of earrings featuring some of my favorite comic book heroes, extinct animals, Pokémon, skulls, and just plain prettiness.  Some of these earrings are double-sided, too, which is doooooope!  Check it out:




Flip side of Bulbasaur & Squirtle



Perfect for my 4th grade Ice Age unit!





Batman flip side




Husband also got this badass Simpsons magnet for the fridge!


I’m looking forward to returning so I can get my baby doll head light.  Thanks for rockin’, Suite 104!


Another place we went to was the relatively new Asian market.  If you’ve been reading my posts, you know that I love Asian food and try my hand at making some recipes at home.  Imagine my utter joy when I discovered that an Asian market opened up in my town (lots of jumping and gleeful squeaks escaped me).  We went in, and though I didn’t see any bonito flakes or okonomi sauce, I did find all kinds of other stuff, including one of my favorite desserts:  Green tea ice cream mochi, as well as a savory favorite:  Pork buns.

Oh, the blissful creaminess of the ice cream combined with the sticky, gluteny-like goodness of the rice dough!  They have other flavors besides green tea, too, but that is my personal favorite.  Gonna have to try the chocolate one for my husband next time.  My one regret: Only buying one box.  I haven’t tried the pork buns, but will try them today and will put them in my food post on… Tuesday?  Tuesday Food Day?  That has a nice ring to it.  Let’s go with that for now and see what happens.

Third place we went to: Cab Comics, which is literally next door to the Asian market.  I’ve withheld on the graphic novel series’ I’ve been reading for some time due in part to the investment they are compared to novels (roughly $20/pop).  To cut on cost (Arizona teacher here), I decided to buy one of them on my Kindle.  That was a mistake.  Graphic novels on a tablet are nothing like the tangible paper magic.  Worth the extra dough to get the physical copy, in my opinion.  As a general rule I prefer paper anyway, but there are some types of books I prefer digitally (i.e. cookbooks).  What’s your take?  Paper or digital?  Leave a Reply and let me know!

Bookmans, my usual stop for my reading needs, almost always lacks the graphic novels I’m searching for, but our local comic book shop had them in stock!  Huzzah!  My two current reads are Sandman and Fables:


Neil Gaiman is my hero.


Highly recommend both these series to anyone looking for good graphic novelage.  They’re pretty popular, and with good reason.  Check ’em out!

After my monetary load was sufficiently blown, Husband and I returned home and reveled in our new things, which is when I discovered that I bought one graphic novel ahead in each of the series.  Balls!  The other two are on their way now.  Thanks, Amazon.

I love getting new shit.  How about you?  Buy anything lately you’re stoked about?  What about all those other questions I asked throughout this post?  Hit me up by Leaving a Reply!  I’d love to hear from you.  ‘Till Tuesday Food Day, by badass B-Loungers.  Peace!

3 thoughts on “Awesome Sh**: Consumerism at its Finest

    1. Yay paper! And thrifting is awesome! 😄 I’m all about reduce reuse recycle, which is another reason I like this artist at Suite 104. She upcycles all this cool stuff she finds, transforming it into badass stuff! Super cool!


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