Fat Man Hikes, Local Bites, & Molten Brownie Disasters

Happy Sunday, B-Loungers!  It’s great to be back in my digital domain.  Didja miss me?  ‘Cause I suuure missed you!  Bring it in!

I’m utterly astonished at how rapidly this last week went by.  I mean, wasn’t I just in Kauai (miss my adventure? Click here!)?  One week can’t have gone by already! The time equivalent isn’t matching in my mind.  Does.  Not.  Compute.  Critical Error.  *head figuratively explodes*  

I’ve had a great week back, though!  My in-laws remained in town and were staying at this quaint little bungalow near downtown and had long-time family friends come and visit.  Hence, lots of eating out and visiting touristy hot-spots in my town commenced.

Have you ever been a tourist in your own town?  The reason I ask is when I talk to some locals that have lived somewhere for years, they’ve never been to some of the very places that put their town on the map.  Everyday life just takes over, and when they have free time they go somewhere else and explore.  Me?  Guilty as charged.  I’ve never been to many of the plethora of places that my city brags about.  Lowell Observatory, for example.  I know.  I know.  My local friends are shaking their heads in shame.  In my defense, I am an 87-year-old in disguise, and observing stars is obviously a nocturnal activity.  But I could go earlier in the evening and still experience its extraordinary-ness, and I plan to (actually for Husband’s birthday — shh — it’s a secret!).  But I digress!  Take Away:  Strap on your fanny pack and be a tourist in your own town.  It elicits an appreciation for your locale that may otherwise get lost in the rigmarole that is day-to-day life.  Though I must say it’s hard for me to lose that appreciation where I live.  It’s beautiful here!  Exhibit A:  Fat Man’s Loop, a wonderful 2ish-mile trail that switchbacks its way up Mount Elden:


















Wonderful, isn’t it?  Hubs and I are going to hike to the top of Mount Elden one of these days, another activity that many hike-savvy tourists do that I haven’t yet.  I’ll tell you all about it afterwards.  Pinky promise.

Another thing I love about my town:  The food.  There is no lack of delicious restaurants of almost all cuisines in this gorgeous little area.  Burgers.  Diners.  Sushi.  Chinese.  Indian.  Thai.  Vietnamese.  Pizza.  Italian.  Mexican.  Breakfast.  Hot dogs.  Gelato.  So many wonderful places to stuff your pie-hole.  I love it.  There’s one spot I hadn’t been to that I was overall pleased with called The Toasted Owl, which serves some mean-looking sandwiches, soups, and salads.  I ordered their Warm Walnut Canyon salad, a playful mix of hot and cold veggies with goat cheese, walnuts, and a creamy balsamic dressing.  Check out this rainbow of delight:


Eat the rainbow.  Be the rainbow.


Not the best balsamic I’ve ever had, and their Earl Grey latte was just Earl Grey with almond milk in it, but I loved the salad itself.  Delicious.

We also went to Hubs’ and my all-time favorite sushi restaurant:  Hiro’s.  It’s strange;  we’ve been to Hawai’i, California… places where you’d presume the sushi to be the best of the best.  And they’re damn good, don’t get me wrong.  But the best sushi is right here in our town at Hiro’s.  The fish is always fresh, the rice just right, and the wasabi sinus-clearing stupendousness.  The portions are also on point.  We went there last night, and I switched it up a bit from my usual order and got their Poki Don bowl (because poke!):  Sushi grade salmon, albacore, and ahi with a bit of seaweed salad, cucumber, their special sauce, and of course rice.  And I had to have an order of yellowtail nigiri, because I love me some yellowtail.  The lighting wasn’t the best for photos, but it was for ambiance.  Check it:



Hubs also ordered these mussels that were to die for.  Mmm!  So slurping good!  I’ll try and see if I can get some better pics in a more lighted setting next time and stick ’em up here.

Now, for the third item of this title’s namesake:  The Molten Brownie Disaster.  My mother-in-law, bless her heart, was making brownies.  The first batch she made as she always does, ignoring the high altitude instructions.  They turned out fine!  She thought she might try the high altitude instructions for her next batch to see the difference.  Well, the difference was clear:


Apparently she used baking soda instead of something else.  I forget what.  Corn starch, maybe?  Baking powder?  In any case, baking soda was not the correct choice.  Oops.  But it’s all good, Mama F!  Your first batch was duh-lish-ious!  

This week begins the first week of our before-school lessons for new incoming students at my school, where I teach 3rd-6th graders everything they should know before going in to English.   I’m giddy!  I’ve missed my students.  I saw one at Spider-Man yesterday (which was awesome)  who said hi, and it gets me all kinds of excited to be with them again and to teach them all kinds of amazing things.  I love my job.

That’s your Sunday Bests, kids!  Hope you enjoyed.  Leave a Reply with some kitchen fails of your own, hometown touristing, questions, comments, whuteva!  I’d love to hear from you.  Stay hydrated.  ‘Till next time!


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