Kauai Day 6: The Last Supper, Brought to You by Death Powder


Our epic Hawai’ian vacation is coming to a close, my friends.  Yesterday, Husband, Ken, Joana, and I went to Ching Young Village and shopped our asses off — nothing like the smell of empty wallet in the morning!  I got all kinds of awesome stuff: tee shirts, wall art, a beach towel with Hawai’ian food on it, Instant Hawai’ian Kitchen (small kitchen + kitchen towels + shell spoon rest = Instant Hawai’ian Kitchen), a beach bag, pins, a necklace, earrings, a calendar, postcards, a hair clip, a hula chicken… all manner of great things.  One thing I’ve come to appreciate about growing up is the ability to pick souvenirs I’ll actually use and enjoy.  I remember going places as a kid and picking out the dumbest shit, thinking it was amazing at the time, then getting home and thinking, “Why the hell did I buy this?”  Hooray for common sense!

We shopped, we went back for more acai breakfast bowls (see previous post), ate mac nut ice cream, and had a lovely lunch at Kalypso.  Joana had another poke bowl, because poke, Ken had a fish and crab wrap, Hubs got a crab quesadilla, because whoever says seafood and cheese don’t mix doesn’t do it right, and I got ahi poke/calamari lettuce wraps with piña coladas aplenty.  Here’s my dish:

So ono!  Calamari, ahi, and lettuce wraps are a few of my favorite things, so these combined with wasabi aioli?  Done!  Also, mac nut is my new favorite ice cream.  It’s official.

Did you know my husband plays classical guitar?  Here’s a pic of him at Hanalei Strings, making his musical magic:




I’m afraid I didn’t get pics of my plunder, but I’ll be sure to show you where they end up at my place eventually, or at least get pics.  My beach towel is amazing!  I’ll be sure to show you soon.  Buuut, I did forget to post these gems when Joana, Kacey, and I went to Ching Young Village the first time.  Here you are:


Kacey makes the best mermaid!


So we shopped for several hours, then returned to the hale around 3:00, where our two caterers were already preparing for our final feast of seven courses.  The caterers’ names were Tony and Julie, and we learned that Tony also has a company called The Death Powder, a finishing spice with a mix of Hawai’ian chilies, habanero, ghost pepper, a few other exotic and incredibly potent peppers, along with some antioxidant ingredients to give it a superfood element.  All made right here on Kauai!  Pretty neat!  I’m gonna have to order some, because he says it’s not crazy spicy despite the ingredients.  It’s just a little hint of each of the peppers, so it still has a full-bodied flavor without kicking you in the face.  He also makes something called “The Pink Sauce,” which he uses in the third course of our meal and is delectable.  Check it out!

Now, on to the seven courses!  Keu a ka ʻono!


First Course: Organic, island-grown kale and arugula salad with goat chevre, pickled beets, and a raspberry dressing with homemade croutons and a balsamic reduction.



Second Course: French onion miso soup.



Third Course: Olive oil bialy meets pizza with caramelized onion, BACON, and “The Pink Sauce.”



Fourth Course: Sushi cakes!



Fifth Course: Grilled seasoned Kauai shrimp with cilantro.



Sixth Course: Mango wasabi grilled ono atop of Kiluea purple potatoes with grilled Kiluea carrot, onion, and an edible flower.



Seventh Course: Green tea ice cream with a tempura fried banana, sake lime syrup, chopped mint, and mac nuts.



We also had champagne, red and white wines, and a delicious mixed drink Tony made with muddled raspberries, white rum, and an acai spritzer.  Incredibly light and refreshing!  Check it:


We toasted all the summer birthdays in the family (Grandpa, Dad, Stepmom, and Husband), and I also made a toast to Grandma and Grandpa for taking us to paradise for a week.  It’s been a truly wondrous vacation, and it’s all thanks to them.  A million mahalos wouldn’t be enough.

Tony had to get creative with the plating, as he had to make do with what was here at the hale, but I thought he and Julie did a phenomenal job!  If you’re ever in Kauai and looking for a good meal, seek Tony out.  He’s fantastic.

After that I was wiped, so I went to bed.  I think the others stayed up for a while, though.  I retired to our room and watched “Forensic Files” until I passed out.  Murder puts me right to sleep!

Today, we have to be out of the hale by 10AM, so I’m already packed save the few things I need before the flight.  We’re going to head to the beach again today for one last bask in the ocean’s beauty.  We have a redeye flight tonight, so we have the day to seize what last bits of the island we can.  I better get on that.  I’ll snap a few more pics to show you.  Maybe one of me rappelling down to Hideaway Beach.  We’ll see!

We also snapped this pic of all eleven of us together (Rod left on Wednesday).  Yay family!  ❤


Until then, my B-Loggers.  Mahalo for reading, and aloha!

Coming up next: the final chapter of Claire’s Kauai Adventures:  Best In-Laws Ever, Some Hawai’ian Food Porn, and Whole-Assing


Have I swayed you to visit Kauai?  Do my food pics make your mouth water?  Tell me about it by Leaving a Reply!  I wanna know!




4 thoughts on “Kauai Day 6: The Last Supper, Brought to You by Death Powder

  1. Just so you know, getting older doesn’t necessarily make one exempt from buying useless souvenirs–I still do it occasionally!
    Great photos and fun reading!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for cooking for us! You made our final family dinner in Kauai truly special. And it’s my pleasure! Gotta support! Take care, & thanks for reading! 😄🌴


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