Kauai Day 5: Hideaway Beach, Clairodactyls, & A Hint of Philosophy


Late start this morning — I was exhausted after our busy day of adventure!

Yesterday, Husband, Joana, and I went to Hideaway Beach, a beach near the St. Regis hotel that is absolutely perfect.  This beach is aptly named, unlike the “Secret Falls,” for to reach this beach you must climb down an incredibly steep cliff that is slick with mud.  There are thick ropes on either side to hang onto, however you must insure good footing prior to descent.  I had the Indiana Jones theme song playing in my head as I went down.

Is it worth it?  You tell me.



The sand is thick and soft, the coral gorgeous and vibrant, and there are all different kinds of fish to be ogled.  Husband also saw a zebra eel!  I saw a black crab on the rocks before it quickly scampered into a crevice.  Husband has found a new favorite hobby in snorkeling, so he was out for the majority of our brief two hour visit.  We had to get back by noon to leave in time for the long 75 minute drive to the dinner cruise site.  We’re going to come back tomorrow for one final visit before we take the plane back home.

A few more funny and beautiful pics for your viewing pleasure:


Ready to snorkel!
The least awkward (but still semi-awkward) picture of me getting in the water.



This is paradise.

You know, I didn’t really consider myself a beach person until this trip.  All the other times I’ve been to the ocean, it was either raining and overcast, I only saw gray blobs when snorkeling, it smelled like dead fish, or the sand was muted and unimpressive.  I’ve officially reformed.  I love the ocean.  I’m one of those people now.  I get it!  Which leads me to my philosophical point for the day:

Everything I’ve encountered in my life that I didn’t like, it was only because I didn’t have a good experience with it.  I thought I didn’t like Indian food, for example, until I went to a good Indian restaurant.  Watermelon.  Same deal.  I only had overripe bullshit for a good long time before I had one that was truly good.  Of course, some tastes you simply never acquire, but you should be constantly giving yourself opportunities to enjoy something you may not have enjoyed in the past.  Life may surprise you.  Take a chance!  Try again.  Don’t let past experiences prevent you from seizing potentially amazing opportunities. Variety is the spice of life, and I’m starting to suspect that all its flavors are beautiful.

Now, on to the second leg of our day yesterday:  Captain Andy’s sunset dinner cruise.  What a wonderful time!  Eight of us went on this adventure: Husband, Ken, Joana, Bradon, Kacey, Dad, Stepmom, and me.  We took a catamaran along the Na Pali coast, had a wonderful dinner of filet mignon, shrimp, asparagus, carrots, and potatoes with a lime cheesecake for dessert, an open bar of beer, wine, and a mixed drink called the “Sneaky Tiki,”  and saw some clairodactyls.  What’s a clairodactyl, you ask?


Buahaha!  One of Husband’s other hobbies is making memes.  I’m sorry to say I lied to you.  We didn’t see any of these rare beasts.  But we did ride past Jurassic Park, aka the Na Pali coast.  Have some imagery:




My dad paid my brothers to go on the trampoline and get soaked.


Truly spectacular.

I forgot to mention the appetizer and salad!  It was an herbed cracker topped with a creamy cheese (possibly goat — quite tangy), BACON, and arugula.  For the salads, they had a choice of Caesar or a garden blend with a not-too-sweet papaya dressing, feta, and tomatoes. Have at it:


All the food was fantastic, but Husband, having a sweet tooth the size of a baracuda’s canine, asked the waitress if he could have another.  She promised if there were any leftovers that she would bring him one, and he was in luck.  Mmm!  So creamy with that zing of citrus… superb.

And of course, what good is a sunset cruise without the sunset?

Sunset pic brought to you by Joana!

I caught several glimpses of its majesty before passing out in my husband’s lap.

After dinner, I bought a tee shirt, Joana and I went to Kauai Island Brewery where she bought a growler filled with Westside Wheat beer, then Husband, Ken, Joana, and I began the long drive back to the hale, where we immediately went to bed.

Tonight, a local chef is coming to the hale to cater a special dinner for us, otherwise the rest of the day is free.  We’re going to do some shopping and get all our touristy souvenir bullshit done today!  YAAAAAY!  I love looking at crap!  Hopefully we’ll get to look at vintage crap at an antique store.  I love antiques.  And thrift shops!  I’ll let you know what I find.  Until tomorrow then, by B-Lounge friends.  Aloha!

Next time, in Claire’s Kauai Adventures:  Kauai Day 6: The Last Supper, Brought to You by Death Powder


Anything I shouldn’t leave the island without?  Questions?  Comments?  Talk to me!  Leave a Reply! I’d love to hear from you.



6 thoughts on “Kauai Day 5: Hideaway Beach, Clairodactyls, & A Hint of Philosophy

  1. What not to leave behind??? Your heart! I can see how that might happen! The pictures at the Hidden Beach are STUNNING!!! I would like to put a large collage of them in my house. XOXO to you all!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right?! A little piece of me is definitely getting left behind, but that’s a good thing! Just means I need to come back, & you’re coming with next time! 💗🌴🐚🐠


      1. Yay! I will come with you! Is there any way I can get the 1st photo of this blog so I can get a blowup of it for my wall? It is WOWWWWWW!!!


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