Kauai Day 1: Snorkeling, Sushi Burritos, and Horrible People


It is 5:24AM, which means I’m beginning to successfully acclimate to Hawai’i time!  Huzzah!  But you’re not here to read about my sleeping habits, so let me tell you all about my first full day in Kauai.

The day began rather sluggishly;  my husband and I were waiting for the other third of our family to arrive at the house and have breakfast (my dad, stepmom, and two half brothers are staying in a condo nearby), as Husband had arranged to go snorkeling with my brothers.  Once they arrived we made bacon and eggs with toast and English muffins, got ready, and finally left the house around 10:30.

We drove to Ke’e Beach, which is literally the end of the road in Kauai.  It is the furthest north in Kauai you can drive, and is known to be a great spot for novice snorkelers.  About three miles before the end, we start to see cars lined along the road, despite the obvious “No Parking Any Time” signs scattered throughout.   We attempt to park legally in the one lot there is, but no such luck.  So we find a spot and join the other hooligans on the side of the road.

We traverse along the hot, soft sand and reach a location with dappled sunlight and greater seclusion and start snorkeling.  I took first watch of the stuff and things on the beach and read my paperback copy of Seduced by Moonlight while three of my favorite guys suited up and saw some fish.  My brother Kacey has an off-brand Go Pro with a waterproof case, so he caught some pretty great footage.  Check it!

Husband on the hunt for fish.

Sadly, WordPress will not allow me to post the videos my brother got.  Wah-wah.  If anyone knows how to get around that, let me know!  This bottom fish swam at Kacey and scared the shit outta him.  It’s pretty hilarious.  I’d love to post the video eventually if I can.  Oddly enough, before I knew that had happened to Kacey, it happened to my other brother Bradon and me with the same kind of fish!  Wonder if it was the same one…

So we swam, we snorkeled, Husband broke a fin, and we had fun.  Didn’t get a ticket, thank Religious Figure, but we learned that we need to get an earlier start.  No waiting around for bacon any longer. Sorry, bacon.

Also, chickens!  As you may be aware, there are wild chickens all over Kauai.  This mama and her babies paid us a visit!

After snorkeling, we were famished, so my dream finally came true:  Sushi burritos!  We drove past Sushi Girl on the way to the beach, and this was the place I had stalked online for the last four months, viewing aaall the pictures of their sushi supremacy.  Determined to take the best picture they’d yet to see of their culinary glory, I think I have succeeded.  What say you?

It was everything I dreamed it would be (and I had many a sushi burrito dream).  I bought a Sushi Girl tank top to commemorate this momentous event, and will be sure to write a review and post this pic on Yelp.  It was $15, which considering how much sushi you really get is an on-point price, and especially considering how expensive things can be on the island (we paid $3.50 for one bell pepper).

We hung around the hale for the remainder of the day (because who wouldn’t want to relax in this 2,500 square foot space of awesomeness?).  Hubs and I took a nap, and then we had the big family dinner.  It was my brother Ken and his girlfriend Joana’s turn to cook, and being the great Arizonans they are decided to make fajitas (or, as we like to pronounce it, “fa-jai-tas”).  They did a bang-up job!  My grandmother had purchased a pot roast, so we used that meat instead of something more traditional, and it was quite delicious.  We had some well-seasoned rice, wrought with lime juice, salt, and cilantro, as well as your usual suspects:  red and green bell peppers and onions seasoned with cumin, paprika, salt, pepper, and chili powder.  Add a little guacamole and sour cream, envelop it in a warm corn tortilla, and bada-bing!  Fa-jai-tas.

“Smells like fajaitas in here!”

After dinner, we played a riotous game of Cards Against Humanity: The party game for horrible people, because my entire family is just as sick and twisted as I am.  We then all retired around 9:30.  Here’s where I’m sleeping.

Ahhh, bed.  How I love thee.

Today, we have one of the most anticipated activities in store:  The mountain tubing adventure.  I’ll be sure to post all about it on the morrow.  Hope you enjoyed, and mahalo for reading!  ‘Till then, Blogsville. Aloha!

Next Up in Claire’s Kauai Adventures:  Kauai Day 2: Mountain Tubing, Burgers, and Centipede Murders

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4 thoughts on “Kauai Day 1: Snorkeling, Sushi Burritos, and Horrible People

  1. I am wondering how big the “attack” fish was? It’s hard to tell in the picture if it was minnow-size or Blue Marlin-size. Thank you SO much for sharing your adventure with us! LOVE YOU!!!

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