Aloha from Kauai!

Aloha from the gorgeous island of Kauai!

In case you didn’t see my previous post, my family and I are vacationing in Kauai for the next week.  We rented a positively picturesque house right on the water and will be doing all kinds of fun activities: mountain tubing, kayaking, hiking, snorkeling, a luau, a dinner cruise… we are taking this island by force, and it’s gonna be a blast!  I’m psyched to share my trip with you.

We had a smooth and beautiful 6 1/2 hour flight.  I love flying over the ocean; the only distinction between sea and sky the scatter of cotton ball clouds.  There’s something about being completely immersed in all that blue that is so tranquil to me.  I did a mix of reading, watching Yu Yu Hakusho, napping, and daydreaming out the window.  They showed Disney’s Born in China as the on-board movie, which I was over the moon about.  I had wanted to see that in theaters.  It was cute!

When the eight of us arrived at baggage claim, there was a woman there with a sign for our family and vibrant fuchsia leis for each of us.  What a surprise!  My stepmom had arranged it.  Ever the thoughtful one, my stepmom!


My brother and me getting lei’d.


By the time we had successfully fished our bags out of the carousel and drove to the house while humming the Jurassic Park theme song, it was almost 4PM Hawai’i time.  I had myself a tour of our digs for the week, unpacked, then settled in to the most spectacular view on the balcony with a gin and tonic.  Feast your eyes!


As a little something fun and special, pairs of us have been assigned a certain day to cook dinner for everyone on the trip.  Last night was my aunt and grandma’s turn, and they made a delicious langoustine salad with fresh nectarine, mushrooms, and avocado with a side of crusty baguette.  For dessert we had banana cream and coconut with macadamia pies.

After that, my three brothers, my husband, and I all went in the state-of-the-art hot tub for a spell, after which we retired to our rooms for the night.  Now, it’s almost 5AM, and I’m the only one up.  It’s not that uncommon for me to be up at such an early hour, because I’m actually an 87-year-old in disguise.  When you beat your 92-year-old grandma to bed, you’re doing it right in my book.  Show me the Early Bird specials!

Today is a free day, which means there aren’t any scheduled activities.  My plan is to head to Hanalei Bay and check out the wares, go swimming/snorkeling, and eat a sushi burrito.  At long last, my rice encased euphoria will be miiiiine!  I’ll be sure to show and tell all about it (plenty more where this came from!).  Until then, my fellow blogvilians, I bid you aloha and good day!

Next up in Claire’s Kauai Adventures: Kauai Day 1: Snorkeling, Sushi Burritos, and Horrible People

Have you ever been to Kauai?
Never been but have questions about the island?
Leave a Reply and let me know!  I’d love to hear from you.

5 thoughts on “Aloha from Kauai!

  1. When Sarah lived there we rented a 1 bedroom condo 3 blocks from Waikiki beach, and packed 6 people in it. Every spot of floor had someone sleeping in it! It was crazy and fun. Are you doing the stairway to heaven? I Love your blogs and photos, so keep them coming!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! Sounds wild! Thanks so much! I thought they closed the Stairway to Heaven… I’ll have to look into that! The pictures are breathtaking. So glad you’re enjoying my posts! ❤


    1. Yay! Thank you! I’m trying to make it feel that way. 😄 Nom! Shrimp salad is fantasgreat. Not sure what’s on the menu tonight — Ken and Joana are cooking! The pie was to die for. Paradise on a plate! ☺


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