Count ‘Em! 3 More Days

My epic Kauai family vacation starts in three. Freaking. Days.   I’m brain-exploding-into-confetti excited.  My bag is basically packed, my carry-on filled with books, and my head filled with glorious prospects of sun, surf, and sushi burritos.  Oh yes.  ALL the sushi burritos.


So super… so delicious…


I’ve yet to experience the marvelousness that I know a sushi burrito to be, because combining sushi power with burrito power?  That’s a superhero food right there.  My bones are shaking!  I’m planning on consuming at least three of these supernatural sushi beasts before I depart.

But it’s not all about the food.  I’m also big on adventure, so we have booked all kinds of amazing activities to do throughout the week:  mountain tubing, kayaking, hiking, surf lessons, a luau, and a dinner cruise are all on the agenda.  We’re also going to have a chef cater dinner at the house we’re staying at one night.  Did I mention the amazeballs place we’re staying?  Wait till you see it.

This vacay is gonna be the tiiiiiits, and you can share it with me right here on Concisely Claire.  Stay tuned!

Have you visited Kauai? Have you lived in Kauai, you lucky bastards out there? What were your favorite parts about the island?  Any tips for a first-timer?  Leave a Reply and let me know!

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