What’s More: A Poem

Back in April 2016 I had the idea of using crossword puzzle clues to write poetry.  Don’t know if anyone else has done this before me, but as far as I know I’m the first.  I’m now writing one every day and will be creating a chapbook that will be available on Amazon in September…  I hope.  Not sure how their self-publishing works, but it’ll be ready to publish September 1st.  How quickly they can get it on the site is another matter.

I didn’t format this one to show which parts were crossword clues — let me know whether or not you like knowing the crossword puzzle references in the comments below.  I make sure to reference which puzzle I got the clues from in the title.

Here it is:


What’s More (NY Times crossword: July 11th, 1995)  by Claire Fiori


At the gunslinger’s command,

the home wrecker fled in a frenzy.

No time to have an opinion

To beg,

To gawk,

Only to leave at full speed, as a ship,

before her brain was burglarized



He took her dough,

Nail polish, valued furs and till bills.

What got her years and years of notice

will now provide contempt and neglect.

The now igneous flow of prestige

Greets her brazenly on her forearm bone

To harden and petrify, to make her

a beam fastener for the roof support

that is her life.


No more concerto moments.

No more of Verdi’s villains.

Sell your BMW 535i and get

knocked down a notch.

Meet Mrs. Jetson and her mediocrity,

and do penance for your petulance

and greed.

Wish on a rabbit’s foot and never want

What’s more…


Before long, Evergreens and Alpine songs

will make her of sound mind.

Love affairs on an inlaid floor

bring her a new kind of hygiene.

She is at peace in her Bermuda, for one.






6 thoughts on “What’s More: A Poem

  1. Crossword puzzle clues are a great idea 🙂 I’ve published a few books on Amazon. The process is easy enough. You’re responsible for editing, cover design, page numbers, etc. So however u create your book, that’s how the finished product will look. Once you’re finished with all the details, you can “proof” your book to make sure you’re happy with it. When it’s time to hit publish, it only takes like 24 hours for it to be available online. If you publish an ebook for Kindle as well, be sure to read the formatting guidelines. For example, you’ll want to put a page break at the end of each poem, so they can be on their own separate page in the ebook. Best of luck ❤

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  2. Really interesting idea. Considering you have so many different platforms of writing for your blog, have you considered using menus to organise your posts into different categories? Someone recommended this to me ages ago and it’s been the best advice since. If your theme doesn’t allow for menus, I’d suggest finding one that does, not only is it easier for the reader to explore your site, it ticks all the compartmentalising boxes in my life. Check out my menus to see what I mean! Hope this helped.

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