“Earning My Shower”

So I’m leaving for a vacay in Kauai with my family soon, and I’m suuuuuuuper stoked about it (I mean, who wouldn’t be?).  In addition to being the trip of a lifetime, it’s also been a great motivator to lose weight, so my husband and I have been diligently eating well and exercising on the reg.  As we’re standing precariously on the precipice of 30, we were planning on making this health change anyway, but going to Hawai’i was an added motivational bonus. Especially with health care slowly whirling its way down the shitter, we find it of particular importance to do as much preventative care as possible.  I’d rather keep my kidneys AND my paycheck, thank you very much!

Anyway, I’ve been trying to “earn my shower” — that fun phrase where you sweat your balls off working out and turn into a smelly, sweaty pile of flesh, thus “earning” your hygienation.  I’ve been “making gainz”  and “earning my showers” fairly well since, though I realized I am not the type of person who eagerly springs into action and anticipates that sweat sesh.  I’m the one lying on the couch, blankie overtop of me followed by my 16-pound cat, binge-watching Yu Yu Hakusho while eating strawberry Pocky, when I suddenly think to myself, “Damn it! I need to work out… one more episode!”  I get up and work out eventually (after I hit my mental “Snooze” button several times), but it’s hard, man!  I’d much rather sit on my ass and eat pizza and sushi and ramen and cheeseburgers than get up and work out.  

I’ll be honest, though — once I start, I do enjoy it.  It’s just the starting that’s difficult.  As it is with many, many things.  I feel worlds better after I do it, and I can tell I’m looking better, too.  But that active person who thrives on their workouts and is looking forward to it?  Nah-uh.  Not me.  Unless I’m going snowboarding or hiking or doing an actual activity, I don’t wanna do it, which is why recreational boxing has become my go-to.  I’m actually doing something instead of mindlessly flailing about on an elliptical or some stupid shit like that.  And I am! I’m beating the crap outta something! WINNING! I’ll tell ya one thing, though — binge-watching Netflix for 72 hours straight in the same polar bear PJs and eating Cheetos is another way to earn your shower.  I guarantee it.



3 thoughts on ““Earning My Shower”

  1. Thank you for promoting the use of the not-a-word-but-it-totally-should-be-damnitall, “hygienation.” I hope to see it in the dictionary in my lifetime.

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