Pardon Me, I Have Nothing To Say

I’ve always fancied the idea of a blog.  I had one for a grip, but then I would overthink what I should post in it and never would, which led to my forgetting the website, username and password.  I wish I could’ve shot a flaming arrow at it and given it a proper farewell (or just deleted the thing).  Now it’s just out there floating in its cybernetic casket, lost forever, where some chance wanderer of the Web may stumble upon it.

That was several years ago.  Now seems like the right time to begin again, though I’m still not entirely certain what will become of this.  Maybe I’ll blog about unicorns.  Or sushi.  Or how I don’t like ham. (Just honey ham, though, like the ones served on holidays. Perhaps if it were thinly sliced…)  Maybe I’ll blog about all these things. I don’t know.  But blogging seems like another entertaining outlet for my literary lunacy, so we’ll give it another whirl, this time without the ritual head-to-desking that came with slaving over writing something “worthy” of pressing Publish. Who knows who’ll read this, anyway? More importantly, who cares? I certainly shouldn’t. But if you do find yourself here and amused by my antics, then welcome! We’ll explore the intriguing concept of blogging together.

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